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The Egypt you don't know about, yet.

Posted by Chris Bazos on Sep 6, 2018 4:51:24 PM


Prior to the Arab Spring of 2011, Egypt was one of the most travelled destinations on the planet, right up there with the likes of France, Thailand, & Italy. Shocking right? Not really, if you think about it. With over 5000 years of history, Egypt is home to the Pyramids of Giza, the Nile River, and Luxor, an open-air museum masked as a city that boasts the largest concentration of ancient artifacts in the world. Not to mention the fact that beyond the Nile, Egypt also borders both Mediterranean and Red Seas. Put this all together and it’s no wonder why travellers have continuously flocked to the mystical land of the Pharaohs.

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Cultural Festivals from Around the World

Posted by Travelous on Aug 23, 2018 12:55:40 PM

We are fortunate enough to live in a culturally diverse world where we can celebrate each others culture directly together through travel. We've compiled our favorite ones in hope that they can inspire you in the same way that they have for us. 

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Our Favorite Beaches In The World

Posted by Travelous on Jul 17, 2018 12:40:08 PM

The world offers so many hot spots for you to dig your feet into the sand and work on your tan. There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect beach for you from the turquoise water, to white sands, coral reefs and marine wildlife.  We put together a list of our favorite beaches in the world to help inspire your dream beach vacation.

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Astrological Signs and Your Travel Personality: Part II

Posted by Travelous on Jul 9, 2018 9:34:22 AM

In Part 2 We continue to match part of your personality with your astrological sign. See how you measure up!

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Astrological Signs and Your Travel Personality: Part I

Posted by Travelous on Jul 5, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Astrological Signs and Your Travel Personality:

You can just about match any part of your personality with your astrological sign, so we decided to match each astrological sign to match your travel personality. 

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Advice For First-Time Travelers

Posted by Travelous on Jul 4, 2018 10:46:45 AM


There can be a lot of fear and anxiety for first time travelers but don't fret. We've got some advice to help you be more organized, adventurous, and excited about traveling!

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5 Signs You’ve Caught the Travel Bug

Posted by Travelous on Apr 23, 2018 2:10:00 PM

Often times we find ourselves drifting off into space contemplating if your spending your money the right way. Do you get caught up living vicariously through other peoples timelines on social media for ideas to add to your bucket list? It's not just you we've all been there and that's why we've come up with our 5 signs you've caught the travel bug list.

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Private Tours vs Group Tours

Posted by Travelous on Apr 16, 2018 5:51:17 PM

So, you’ve chosen a destination and have a time frame in mind, but you’re unsure of how you want to travel and see the sights. At Travelous, we know it’s a big decision choosing whether to travel with an escorted group or privately. It can make or break your travel experience - so we’re here to help! Here are the pros and cons of touring private versus group; and remember, your Travelous Life awaits!

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About Travelous: Design Your Trip, Create Your Story.

Posted by Travelous on Apr 12, 2018 4:04:49 PM

The clock has been ticking, and your travel plans have gone to the wayside for too long. You’re tired of constantly putting your routine ahead of your wanderlust, and need assistance or don’t have the time to make your travel dreams a reality. That’s where we come in!

Travelous Tour Architects are adventurers like you, who specialize in tour management and itinerary design. We have a wealth of knowledge based on our own personal experiences, and a passion for helping people make their travel dreams come true. From leisure groups to luxury bespoke private guided travel, we are here to help you write your story and plan the trip you’ve always imagined.

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